Our Team

Matt McClumpha

Founder . Leadership . Designer . Advisor

Matt is the man with an overview for all our projects and a skilled designer in international development. He’s not afraid to take on any challenge to help others in need, even if it involves an 8 hour walk through deserts of Namibia. Matt has been involved with many international projects, his strong problem solving and communication skills ensure the right solution is implemented. In his free time he enjoys teaching sailing and cross-country mountain biking.

Finn Brownbill

Co-founder . Smarts . Communication . Marketing

Finn is the preacher of Design for Need. As the creative and innovative marketer of the social enterprise, it is Finn’s job to spread the message and connect to anyone and everyone. He is also the chief organiser, so behind the scenes, the office becomes his home as he ensures Design for Need is as efficient as it possibly can be. When he’s not pursuing his passion within the company, he is going to music gigs or hiking for some well earned fresh air.

Matt in Cameroon
Matt sailing on the ocean
Finn hiking in the woods
Finn in Edinburgh