Our Services


Design for Need co-creates and improves technologies to solve challenging problems. Designed to the needs of the community, we believe in creating solutions which are low-cost, effective and sustainable.


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As experts in sustainable design, we offer collaboration with organisations and individuals who wish to learn or undergo projects in communities facing poverty, where expertise is needed.


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The ‘Design for Need Community’ is a self-organized network of people and organisations. Together we share ideas, information and other resources to make a difference to those in need.


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Our Values


‘Collaboration’ is the glue for everything Design for Need does. By working with others we encourage the free flow of ideas. This enables us to develop our skills and achieve our shared objectives. ‘Collaboration’ is the most efficient source of harmony we could not function without.


Ignorance is not ‘bliss’. Design for Need accepts and considers the possibility of being wrong, thus being willing to adapt ideas to achieve our goals. The progressive nature of being open-minded allows Design for Need to think and prepare for the future.


Sustainability is represented in both project work and the specific solutions we create, as we truly care about the environment. We make sure we consider the social, environmental and economic impact in everything we do, ensuring our projects can be sustained indefinitely. 


Design for Need understands that respect is earned. Moreover, respect between parties must be mutual in order for a potential work relationships to flourish. This fosters a working relationship that embraces diversity, supports equality and increases productivity.


What we want is much more valuable than money itself. We want to make a real difference to the world. Design for Need may change how we structure and implement our projects over time, however we will never stray from our passion and core purpose.